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If you are already familiar with words like Google bombing, blogola, Twitter, crowdsourcing, mashup, poke and status, then read no further. If not, we present “MyNetWords – your critical guide to webspeak”. The idea of this glossary is to answer the questions of first-time online social networkers on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, or anyone wanting to start blogging, micro blogging, taking part in online forums or simply to understand what is happening with the explosion in the numbers of messages, photos and videos on the internet.

There are over a hundred words currently used by people on virtual social networks, blogs and websites: dweet, googling or poking someone, blogola, astroturfing, application, Web 2.0, and so on, which have not yet found their way into the dictionaries but have already infiltrated our speech, at least if we have any claim to be “cool”.

The creator of this new website dedicated to the language of the internet is Marie Muzard, author of “Ces grands singes qui nous dirigent” published by Albin Michel and of a blog called “Nous, les primates”. For 15 years she has headed MMC, an on- and offline crisis communications agency.

Two years ago, Marie Muzard did not know what a blog was. She followed a steep learning curve before finally gaining confidence online, which has prompted her help demystify the jargon and bring the language of online social networking within the reach of all of us.

MyNetWords explains all these new words and also ventures an opinion on what is really behind them, whether we should laugh at them, take them seriously or be very afraid…!

Here are the first hundred or so key words. The glossary will grow over time, and include contributions from internet users.

19 March 2010 - by Marie Muzard


what about "Dweet" ?

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