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If you are already familiar with words like Google bombing, blogola, Twitter, crowdsourcing, mashup, poke and status, then read no further. If not, we present “MyNetWords – your critical guide to webspeak”. The idea of this glossary is to answer the questions of first-time online social networkers on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, or anyone wanting to start blogging, micro blogging, taking part in online forums or simply to understand what is happening with the explosion in the numbers of messages, photos and videos on the internet.

Managing bad buzz on the web : new training packages

For one out of two executives, social media rank among the top business risks. Two-thirds of decision-makers believe that they would not know how to manage a crisis on the web. Traditional crisis communication tools are inappropriate and may even be counter-productive. MMC has developed methodologies and a toolbox to manage the multiple forms a bad buzz can take on the web : ghost blog, database of crisis communication statements, list of warning signs, for example, as well as evaluation tools such as the Media Barometer® and the Baro-Net®. Thanks to these new training packages, clients have easy access to MMC’s expertise in this field.

Marie Muzard, founder and MD of MMC, has just launched the Chinese version of Mynetwords

NOW AVAILABLE IN MANDARIN, MYNETWORDS OPENS THE DOORS OF THE WEB, WORLDWIDE. Mynetwords, the online dictionary that decodes the mysteries of the web, is launching its Mandarin version. Mynetwords is the only online dictionary designed for English, French & Chinese web-users (approximately 800 million people).

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