MMC’s expertise

Crisis prevention services

MMC also provides crisis prevention services to: • Reduce the risk of exposure to a bad buzz • Prevent bad buzz from turning into crises MMC makes its exclusive tools and methodologies, the result of 20 years of experience (of which 8 years in digital communication), available to its clients so they can manage sensitive situations autonomously.


  • Identification of sensitive alerts within the flow of alerts sent by monitoring agencies
  • Monitoring of recurring sensitive topics in media

Audit of media risks

  • Preparation of an inventory of media risks: identification of the organisation’s weak points and classification of risks in accordance with their seriousness and likelihood

Management process for sensitive situations

  • Analysis of the organisation’s weak points in terms of its management process for sensitive situations and proposal of corrective actions to ensure communication is relevant and responsive: monitoring, alert and reporting process, strategy-building process, validation, etc.

Key prevention tools

  • The Controversy Barometer®: to evaluate the risk of a sensitive situation or decision becoming controversial
  • The WS List: warning signs of a bad buzz
  • The “fails list”: a list of errors or failures that cause the majority of negative buzzes
  • The Digital Stress Test ® : digital "taboo"
  • Statement database, which includes the press releases and official statements related to the most serious or probable risks
  • The crisis wiki: a tool that facilitates internal communication among crisis unit members.
  • Bad buzz risk evaluation: intensity & seriousness®
  • How to deal with a bad buzz : DDC® (algorithm)
  • The ghost blog: a blog dedicated to a bad buzz or a crisis, to be prepared in anticipation of a buzz
  • Digital charter
  • Community Management charter


  • “Development of a Digital Crisis Culture” for personnel in sensitive roles and management: learn to identify and evaluate sensitive situations
  • Crisis media training for spokespeople: 15 argumentation techniques and how to manage an interview
  • Web crisis and bad buzz management for communication professionals
  • Training on digital corporate language for communication managers and community management: to prepare statements for social media
  • Preventive monitoring training: how to identify and evaluate the intensity and gravity of a bad buzz

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