The MMC consultants

Marie Muzard

The Founder and CEO of MMC, Marie Muzard has more than 25 years of experience in the management of on and offline sensitive situations (development of methodologies). Marie is the author of “Ces grands singes qui nous dirigent” (Albin Michel) and has launched a book dedicated to bad buzzes (Editions Eyrolles, 2015). She also created Mynetwords, a website dedicated to ”webspeak” (2010).

Sophie Licari

Sophie Licari has conducted numerous internet surveys. She has considerable experience managing critical buzz on the web, with particular expertise in topics relating to health and sustainable development.

Aurélie Olivier

Twenty years of experience in communication. Over the past 10 years, Aurélie has conducted close to 1,000 training sessions on communication for executives, and in the last seven years, she has provided consulting services specifically targeting the management of sensitive situations. Aurélie also teaches at the EEIE (Ecole Européenne d’Intelligence économique).

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